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November, 2008


Petros is my real name (one never knows on the internet).
In recent years I've been dividing my time between the island of Cyprus and the United States.

I'm one of a small group of volunteers who work together in providing Natural Therapy to persons in need who are struggling with all sorts of health conditions and personal situations.

Our group is also politically active in the radical section of the global liberation movement, especially in its green, anti-war, anti-racist, and feminist dimensions which are positive to the lesbian, gay, bi-, and transexual identities and desires.

For us, this is a way of service to the Divine, a way to serve our community, and a path to our own personal and spiritual growth. I've been a community activist and radical healthcare worker-student my entire life.

Here's a silly photo of me within the ancient walled City of Lefkosia.

The links below will transfer you to online spaces where a lot of my work is more readily accessible. It's in the form of articles, letters, updates, research, position papers, graphics, etc. Most of the material is in the english language, and some in the hellenic (greek) language.
{If your browser is not displaying some of the characters well, please adjust the View through its language or character set options.}

Your thoughts and feelings, questions, objections, suggestions, and every form of feedback is most welcome.

I'd be more than happy to hear from you.





"But how go you get paid?"

"What kind of methods do you use?"

"What qualifies you to do this?"


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